Analytics & Reporting



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MineStream & Big Data

comprehensive tracking across an organisation

The sheer number of modules within the MineStream solutions means powerful reportable data is available to an organisation.

A centralised solution for HR, Finance, Invoicing, Assets, IT, Projects and more, means each area can be reported against independently or in relation to one another.

The MineStream solution offers pro-active reporting capabilities to any organisation who want to look at trending analysis before issues have too quickly arisen in the business.

Critical Success Factors

Reporting For The Future

With a wealth of business data at your fingertips reporting has never been easier.

MineStream reporting modules provide businesses with the ability to drill down into areas of their organisation previously untapped.

The impact of reporting on process and development of any business is driven by its ability to report on how the organisation operates.

A vast range of reports are available relating to completion by due dates.
Organisations can determine KPIs to highlight team or employee performance.
Organisations can track services or campaigns.
Report against the entire organisation or report against Business Units for data mining.
Report against cost to business or expenditure for projects and services.
Contracts & Assets
Ensure maintenance agreements, contract renewals and assets are reported against.